EPT Baden: Opening firework display

Vicky Coren: aces joy

Play has been under way here in Baden for little more than 30 minutes, and already we have had fireworks. PokerStars' Vicky Coren has tripled up, qualifier Chris Roth is out, Daniel Dodet of Belgium has just used up a day's worth of luck, and Britain's Phil Shaw has doubled through.

Where to start? Well, our Vicky sat down with less than 15,000 in chips and needed to get to work quickly to have something to play with. Not a problem. Just minutes after the start she looked down to find A-A. She had two interested parties, and after some raising and re-raising all her chips went in the middle pre flop.

Two callers. The flop - a dream for Vicky - was A-J-J, and the turn and river irrelevant. Her two opponents had A-K and Q-Q and got stung for 15,000 or so each. Vicky is now up and away with 45,000.

PokerStars qualifier Daniel Dodet from Belgium had some outrageous luck just a few moments later. On a flop of K-K-10 he pushed with A-9, a badly-timed bluff as his opponent flipped over 10-10.

But guess what the turn and river were? An iced bun to those of you who reasoned A-A, giving Daniel the full house! His unlucky opponent's reaction can not be recorded on a family blog!

Bad news, however, from our qualifier Chris Roth (croth8) from the U.S. He went all in for his 25,700 with A-K against Italy's Dario Minieri (another PokerStars player), who held 10-10. The board did not save Chris, but he has enjoyed his trip to Baden. He said: "It's okay, these things happen in poker, it's just the way it goes." Well said, and he can be proud to have got so far.

Chris Roth loses his coin flip

Meanwhile, Phil Shaw from the UK, who started today worryingly close to the felt, built up a few thousand chips, then doubled through against Mika Paasonen, a fellow PokerStars qualifier. Phil pushed with 2-2, Mika went into the tank for a minute or so and called with A-10. In this case, the pair of ducks quacked happily and gave Phil the pot. He's now up to about 26,000.
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