EPT Baden: Rodion out in 6th

Rodion Cherednichenko is out in sixth place after PokerStars' Daniel Dodet outdrew him with a flush. All the chips went in after the 10-3-8 flop, all three hearts. Daniel had 9-9, one of them a heart, and Rodion 10-J for the top pair. The turn changed nothing, but Q of hearts on the river sent the chips to the insurance broker from Belgium, who has only been playing for a year.

Cherednichenko, who was massive chip leader after the end of Day 1A, leaves with €78,612 to take back to Russia, where he works as a computer game software developer.

A short while earlier, German chef Thang Duc Nguyen doubled through against Ben Johnson. It was a battle of the blinds - Johnson, in the small blind raised to 50,000, called by Nguyen, and the flop came 9-6-10. Johnson checked-called another 50,000. The turn was a 2. Johnson checked, Nguyen bet 120,000, Johnson moved all in over the top and Nguyen call in a flash. He held 7-8 for the straight, knocking Johnson's A-9 out of sight.

Simon Young
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