EPT Baden: Running scared of the bubble

ElkY running strong

After falling like flies, play has tightened up as we approach the bubble. Just 38 players are left, and once two more trip over we are in the money. First, though, the players are enjoying a well-deserved break for 50 minutes.

With blinds now at 1,500-3,000, Team PokerStars' ElkY is up to 101,000 and looking stronger as the day progresses. But he has been moved to a tough table, with Denmark's Christian Togsverd (135,000), PokerStars qualifers Daniel Dodet (132,000) from Belgium, Jonas Molander (67,000) from Sweden.

On the feature table, Ireland's Andy Black us running things and has soared to more than 130,000 chips. Elsewhere, PokerStars qualifier Argyris Argyrou from Cyprus is holding on with less than 25,000.

Andy Black
Simon Young
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