EPT Baden: Super Dario

Minieri: "I'm so crazy"

Dario Minieri has taken the chip lead by eliminating German Sacha Biorac in 5th place. With the blinds at 10,000-20,000 and a 2,000 ante, Minieri raised to 80,000 with 6-6. The action folded to Biorac, who thought long and hard before pushing all in, about 220,000 more, with A-2.

Minieri was well ahead, and as if he needed any more help the flop came 6-3-8 giving him a set. The turn was a 9 and Biorac was drawing dead. He heads back home to Germany with €94,355.

EPT supremo John Duthie is currently calling the action at the final table, which is being watched by a good-sized crowd of locals.

Soon after, Minieri showed why he is dominating this table. Thang Duc Nguyen raised to 45,000, Daniel Dodet re-raised to 165,000 - and Minieri re-re-raised to 390,000! Nguyen folded immediately, but Dodet gave it a dwell. Minieri goaded him: "I'm so crazy, I don't care about money, I am playing for fun."

Dodet folded, and Minieri showed the table his monster hand - er, A-5 offsuit. The Young Italian is now over the million chip mark.
Simon Young
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