EPT Baden: Super Dario

Dario Minieri on a charge

PokerStars young gun Dario Minieri is on a charge, having just knocked out two players within ten minutes. The Italian now sits behind more than 200,000 and is in a commanding position.

It was not without some good fortune, though. First he kicked Britain's Marc Goodwin out the door. Some raising before the flop saw all the chips going in the middle. Dario had Marc's 70,000 covered.

Goodwin had 7-7, Dario A-Q, and he hit an ace on the turn. Goodwin was not happy. he said: "How could he stick all those chips in with A-Q and think he was ahead?"

Just a few hands later, and Dario called Azad Pirooti's all in. This time there was about 80,000 to be won, and this time Dario had the better hand, with A-Q again against Pirooti's K-J. Nothing on the board saved the Swede, and he departs as our 26th place finisher, collecting €9,433.

Blinds are 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante. Play will continue until 24 players are left, and we will then have a 45-minute break.

The action is split on two floors at the moment. Three tables are downstairs, including the televised feature table, and just one remains upstairs in Casino Baden.

It's making for a puffed-out blogger.
Simon Young
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