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EPT Baden: Talk of the town

Argyrou: trash talk

When a poker table is full of quiet, reserved players it can get a bit dull. But often a character sits down and livens it up a bit. Sometimes one arrives and livens it up a lot. Step forward rubbish recycling manager Argyris Argyrou (I don't mean he's rubbish at recycling - he recycles rubbish), who has fast become a crowd favourite with his constant chatter and jokes.

The Cypriot, who qualified for this tournament on PokerStars, is a bit like a comedy character from a film. He goads his opponents, makes a curious chuckling noise when he wins a pot, and is generally good value all round.

Try telling that to poor Martin Wendt, though. The Dane, who is having a good run here, had been the target of Argyris' banter for about ten minutes. And when Wendt raised, and Argyris (screen name polpolpol) moved all in over the top, you sensed Wendt thought: "Enough is enough." He had Argyris covered, was sitting on 9-9, and called.

Argyris turned over an A-J. A J hit the flop, leaving Wendt to utter aloud: "Give me some love for once. Please." No one listened, and Argyris doubled through and now has about 80,000 chips.

And that will ensure he keeps talking at the table for a good while yet.

Martin Wendt: "Give me some love"
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