EPT Barcelona: 1B Chip counts

Average just over 12,000

Babeee: 15k
LuckyDog1: 10k
Mel Judah: 13k
StSaint: 7k
Joe Hachem: 13k
Kenna James: 20k
Jezebel: 5k

Rich King: 14k - whose Mum, Sheila 'Wheeler' is reading the blog back home. Hello, Sheila. Three friends and his sister have flown over to support Rich - they all share a house together back in London. Rich just doubled up with aces vs kings, the last hand before a ten-minute break. Come on, son!

Sittingin123: 8k
Jan Boubli: 7k
Andy Black: 14k
Gus Hansen: 30k
Mickey Wernick: 20k
Simon Young 'Suffolk Punch': 13k

PokerStars qualifier Jim Hamburger 'Downtheline' is out.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in