EPT Barcelona: Bauer bows out

Kicker trouble
Our favourite Canadian rookie Dustin Bauer - Bauer44 - has crashed out as we move towards level 8 (300/600/75). Couldn't buy a hand, since picking up K-K way back when the blinds were young, Dustin was down to 4,000 and change.
Getting it all-in pre-flop with A-8o vs A-Qo, it looked as if he'd survive, as the board came 5-5-K-K, but an ace on the river brought that dodgy kicker into play, and Bauer's 8 all-but booted him out the door.
Left with enough chips to buy a Bic Mac and coke, Bauer was all-in again next hand, and left the tournament holding a mighty 5-2o. Loved every minute of it too, and was last seen heading for the night club in the company of Poker Stars personnel.

Selected Team Poker Stars approximate chip counts:

Luca Pagano: 19,000
Katja Thater: 42,000
ElKy: 20,000
Humberto Brenes: 18,000 - he's back, back, back.

Selected Poker Stars qualifiers:

Tralaira: 15,000
Farune: 25,000
Maximilian74: 11,000
BanjoD: 19,000

Brad Willis
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