EPT Barcelona: Chip counts, level 8

Wong's up again, then he's out
Teddy Wong looked like he'd performed a minor miracle as level 8 (300/600/75) came to an end. Down to 6,000, he fought his way back to 18,000, but was then all-in with A-K vs J-J, and finally went under.
There's around 100 players left in at this stage. It's 3.30am. I kid you not.

Selected Team Poker Stars approximate chip counts:

Luca Pagano: 22,000
Katja Thater: 43,000
ElKy: 10,000
Humberto Brenes: 31,000

Selected Poker Stars qualifiers:

Maximilian74: 5,000
Jippo79: 27,000
BanjoD: 16,000
Rolodinero: 4,000
Tigerti: 21,000
Farune: 28,000
Dgrimreaper: 35,000

Phil Ivey is on 21,000. No sign of the good doctors - Demon1 and Dark Swan. Nurse, the screens!

Brad Willis
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