EPT Barcelona: Day 1A final chip counts

Resting easy
The day 1A marathon is over and the following Poker Stars qualifiers and Team Poker Stars players have made it through:

Carlos Leira Lopez, Spain: 16,800
Dag Martin Mikkelsen 'dmmikkel', Norway: 13,700 - looked Phil Ivey in the eye and came up smiling
Daniel Elkeslassy, Morroco: 25,400
Erik Lindberg, Sweden: 20,200
Frank Silverstein 'farune', United States: 22,700
Greg Hobson, United States: 14,900
Hubert Attali, France: 26,200
Humberto Brenes, Costa Rica: 27,000 Team Poker Stars - the fox who came back from the dead
Jerome Duarte, France: 14,200
Jonathan Dull, United States: 31,000
Jukka Petri Pietila, Finland: 26,200
Katja Thater, Germany: 35,800 Team Poker Stars - leading the Poker Stars contingent
Leopold Chow, Canada: 15,400
Leslie Kerrigan, United Kingdom: 33,500
Luca Pagano, Italy: 18,600 Team Poker Stars
Manuel Cuberos, Spain: 6,900
Mike Halioua, Canada: 19,500
Stefan Rotach, Switzerland: 20,200
Thierry Passeron, France: 10,700
Vladimir Temelkovski 'temel55', Macedonia: 18,300

Both Teddy Wong and ElkY were late, late casualties.

Brad Willis
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