EPT Barcelona: Day 1B, nearing end of level 6

Two beers for Hansen
Level 6 is coming to an end; the average stack is 15k; there are 156 players left; and Gus Hansen (40k) has had two beers. He says it is the first time he has had two beers in the same day in over eight years. Sobering thought that.

Other approximate chip counts

Joe Hachem: 13k
Rich King: 8k
Mickey Wernick: 38k
Willie Tann: 20k
Jezebel: 8k
Snake8484: 5k
Sittingin123: 8k
Julian Gardner: 25k
Jan Boubli: 8k
Shine: 18k
Mel Judah: 11k
Andy Black: 30k
Pascal Perrault: 25k
Babeee: 23k
10K-in-clay: 7k

Hammerinick - Nick England from Dallas, Texas - is fairing well, in the front rank of the PokerStars qualifiers, with 24k. He's here on a FPP 'freeroll' too.

Brad Willis
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