EPT Barcelona: Day 1B selected qualifier profiles

Meet some Poker Stars qualifiers

First up is Nick England, Hammerinick, a 20-year-old warehouse worker from Dallas, Texas. Nick qualified the Frequent Player Points (FPP) way, first in a 40FPP tourney, then up the ladder into a 4000FPP event, which he won.
Mainly an online tournament player - $10 or $20 sit-and-goes are his regular game - this is Nick's first time in Europe and his first major live tournament.

Olivier Daenincke (left) didn't have so far to travel to Barcelona - he drove down from Toulouse, France. The 21-year-old maths student - Poker Stars name Wooote - is another player who won his seat via a 4000FPP tournament. He's had some live tourney experience, but this is his first time in the big league.

Niko Vastamaki - Echoniko - a 20-year-old student and semi-professional player from Finland, is here courtesy of a $475 qualifier, despite finishing on the bubble in 13th. Poker Stars judged that something approaching 'collaborative' play by some of the participants in Niko's tourney was unsporting, and decided that the young Finn deserved a seat, so they gave him one.
It's Niko's first major live tournament - though he's a dedicated sit-and-go online player, and has been taking his poker seriously for five years.

Canadian Luciano Giustini could be forgiven for having his mind on other things. The 43-year-old coffee truck driver from Richmond Hill is still waiting for his luggage to arrive. There are only so many Poker Stars t-shirts a man wants to wear, but Luciano - Sittingin123 - is hoping to stay around long enough for his own clothes to join him. Twenty years a player - the last three seriously online - Luciano has previous big-money live tourney experience: he's played in the Canadian Poker Championships in the Bahamas.
The qualification ladder began in a $10 rebuy - in total Luciano spent just $30 earning his ticket to Barca! - and our man is concentrating on surviving day one for now. "Don't get frustrated" is his mantra - and brother Frank, who made the journey with him, will be sending calming vibes over the rail.

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