EPT Barcelona: Day 1B update

Steady now
Table 5 is a tough school. Here are some approximate chip counts:
Mickey Wernick: 14,000
Joe Hachem: 17,000
Kenna James: 19,000
Rich King: 15,000

Happy days for James (left) and King (right).

Outs and down

Multiple EPT qualifier Carl Olson is out. We'll see him again this season.

Terrence Chan is out, after back-to-back aces went wonky on him. He collected, all-in with A-A vs 7-7 on a board of J-8-5-9-3 to get himself set-up for some movement. But the next hand it was A-A again, all-in again, this time vs 10-10. The board was 2-3-3-10-4, and Chan was history.

Babeee got her opponent all-in with A-K vs A-K, and the suits mattered as she lost a 7,000 pot to a flush, leaving her with 13,000.

The blinds are now 100/200 and their are 195 players left in.

Brad Willis
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