EPT Barcelona: Day 2 welcome

Down to business
Welcome back to Barcelona. The two opening days are done, now the real business begins. By the end of the day's play we'll be down to the final eight.

For a full list of Day 2 players, including chip counts, see here.
For a full rundown of the PokerStars contingent who have made it through, see here.

Dan Bitsca Pedersen is overall chip leader with 118,400.

Leading the way for Team PokerStars is Katja Thater on 35,800; Humberto Brenes is on 27,000; Luca Pagano is on 18,600.

Five of our FPP qualifiers - Jerome Duarte, David Lundberg, Thierry Passeron, Jukka Petri Pietila, and Ian Smith - are still 'freerolling' their way to glory. Pietila's leading the group, with 26,200.

Eighteen PokerStars 'cash' qualifiers are still in the hunt. Canada's Bill Fitzpatrick (48,400) and the UK's Adam Stoneham (42,600) are sitting prettiest at this stage.

Brad Willis
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