EPT Barcelona: Dgrimreaper doubles; but Katja OUT

Grim grinning
We have 91 players left, and at least one of them is full of the joys of life - Dgrimreaper has just doubled up to 73k. In the BB he was raised to 8k, raised to 16k and was called.

The flop came all rags, Grim checks, and is set all-in. He calls - with A-A vs K-J....

Katja OUT
Team PokerStars has lost its last remaining hope, with Katja Thater (above) being eliminated. With about 30,000 behind her, she moved all in pre-flop with A-J to be called in a flash by a player with A-A.

The flop came 4-Q-4, no help, but the turn brought a K giving Katja an outside chance of catching a straight. The river was a blank, and Katja was heading for the exit.

Brad Willis
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