EPT Barcelona: End of Day 1A

That's all for today
Day 1A is drawing to a close. We're at level 9 (400/800/100), the current chip leader is pegged at around the 90,000 mark, we've ducked under the 100-player bar, and there's good news and bad news for the Poker Stars contingent.
Maximilian74 has enjoyed a rollercoaster tourney, but it's over; the same goes for Rolodinero.

Selected Team Poker Stars approximate chip counts:

Luca Pagano: 21,000
Katja: 45,000
Humberto Brenes: 22,000
ElKy: 7,000

Selected Poker Stars qualifiers:

Farune: 25,000
BanjoD: 13,000
Jippo79: 25,000
Tigerti: 17,000
Temel 55, 13,000
Dgrimreaper: 35,000

Phil Ivey is on 24,000.

See you tomorrow.

Brad Willis
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