EPT Barcelona: Hamburger upbeat on sidelines

Hamburger will be back
Simon Young reports:
We're down to 103 players already - and it is with no relish that I have to report we lost Jim "Downtheline" Hamburger late last night.

The PokerStars qualifier from Delray Beach, Florida, had been enjoying a good run in this, his first EPT event, when he was busted by a two-outer on the river. Ouch.

But our Jim, who qualified in the $475 satellite (and who has been to the last two WSOP thanks to PokerStars, as well as winning $148,000 in a Sunday tournament last year), is determined to come back for more and will be trying to qualify for the Austrian EPT in Baden when he gets home. There he owns a boutique and, of course, enjoys the Florida sunshine. If only he had brought some with him to damp Spain!

"I've had a great time. Sadly the cards did not really fall for me here. When I did hit some good cards I often had to lay them down. I really do recommend that all PokerStars players try and qualify for these events - the tournament, accommodation and meeting the other players is terrific."

He'll be heading back across the Atlantic and hitting the internet and playing live at the Hard Rock Casino, where he specialises in multi-table tournaments.

Brad Willis
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