EPT Barcelona: Katja vs ElKy

Kat gets cream
Two Team Poker Stars colleagues went head-to-head, and Katja Thater came out on top.

In level 7 (200/400/50), five limp to see the flop: Ac-4d-8h. ElKy puts in 700; Katja calls; everyone else folds.
Turn comes: 9c. ElKy checks; Katja puts in 3,000; ElKy calls.
River comes: 3c, possible flush. Both check, and Katja scoops a 10k pot with her 8-8 for a set.
Katja: 40,000
ElKy: 15,000

Selected level 7 counts:

Teddy Wong: 37,000
Maximilian74: 7,000

Brad Willis
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