EPT Barcelona: Maybe Babeee?

Average stack 23k
Anne Schoendorff - Babeee - is throwing her weight about on table 8, and has amassed 40,000. They're running scared of Babeee.

We're near the end of level 8, 300/600/75; there are 105 players left in.

Approximate chip counts:
Joe Hachem: 11k
Willie Tann: 22k
Rich King: 18k
Kenna James: 16k
David Plastik: 12k
Averagejoe9: 19k
Noah Boeken 'exclusive': 28k
Billian cdn: 33k
Gary Jones: 7k
Gus Hansen: 25k
Shine: 17k
Andy Black: 48k
Mel Judah: 14k
Pascal Perrault: 27k

10k-in-clay - Daniel Paolucci - is out; so is Jezebel.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in