EPT Barcelona: Trond OUT, Ivey stung, Humberto OUT

Norwegian can't
Simon Young reports:
Our heroic Norwegian Trond Manger has been eliminated from the feature table in a hand that also saw Phil Ivey lose a bundle of chips.

Our man went all in for 4,500. Ivey was keen to isolate the bet and raised to 8,000 - only for seat four to move all in.

Ivey climbed into the tank for two minutes before calling. Trond showed K-9, Ivey 8-8 and Mr Big Stack A-Q. The flop missed everyone but the river made a runner, runner flush for the A-Q.

So we lose Trond, Ivey is damaged but still on 30,000 and Mr Big Stack is now Mr Even Bigger Stack.

Humberto OUT
Team PokerStars has just lost Humberto Brenes. He was sitting on the same table as fellow team-mate Katja Thater, from Germany, and both had managed to keep most of their starting stack.

But Humberto's luck ran out when he raised to 6,000 on the button. He was put all in and - reluctantly, it has to be said - called to show K-Q against his opponent's A-7.

The flop of A-10-7 was enough to make the Costa Rican's famous moustache stand on end.

Better luck for Katja. She has eliminated a player when her 2-2 held up against K-8 on a board of 10-5-9-9-4. The bubbly blonde sits on 23,000 chips right now.

Farune (Frank Silverstein from Florida) has doubled up to 35,000 when his A-Q held up against A-8.

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