EPT Dublin: 88 play to 8

John Duthie just commented that they're 'dropping like flies'. Last time I looked there were 88 players all hoping to avoid the fly-drop problem and reach the final 8 at the end of the day.

Marcel Luske is sadly one of the early casualties, always good to watch the Dutch player, but he went all-in with KQ and failed to beat the guy who called with 88.

Greek PokerStars qualifier Max Trigas is also out. Max was feeling ill, and played like a man who wanted to go home to bed. He went all-in with 30,000 chips and A4. Willie Tann with KK was happy to call. This left Max with just 4,000 chips. He couldn't seem to get rid of them, doubling up a few times, before finally losing all his chips. I guess the other 88 players wouldn't feel too sympathetic as he goes. I hope he's feeling better soon. Perhaps it was something he 8?

Brad Willis
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