EPT Dublin: Ara Out

Ara Melikian was shortstacked and needed to make a move. He moved in with 9 3. Roland De Wolf took him on with A 8. Roland's ace was enough to put Ara out. He'll take €7,390 back to New York.

There are now 24 players left and they're re-drawing for seats. Team PokerStars Luca Pagano is still playing, as are Roland De Wolf, Willie Tann and Roy Brindley. Five remaining players are PokerStars qualifiers. Here's their names, and a little bit about them.

Finnur Hrafnsson - Large, Icelandic, grey top.
Ray Coburn - Eats sweets, used to have green hair, 14th in Dublin last year.
Simon Ehne - Swedish, must be a good player, stripy top.
Marcel Baran - Long hair, lot of chips.
David Tavernier - Doctor, got here late, 'Davethebest'.

Here's the players in the money spots so far:

25th Ara Melikian
26th Marc Goodwin
27th Magnus Jakobsson
28th Walter Alecci
29th Rune Nikolaisen
30th Adrian Walshe
31st David Clayton
32nd Johnny Lodden

And a reminder of what the remaining players are in this for:

1st €554,300
2nd €314,120
3rd €184,780
4th €138,580
5th €112,710
6th €88,690
7th €70,210
8th €51,740
9-10th €31,410
11-12th €25,870
13-14th €20,330
15-16th €14,780
17-24th €11,090
25-32nd €7,390

Brad Willis
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