EPT Dublin: Arrivederci, Luca

Luca Pagano has been busted in 13th place after running his A-J into Willie Tann's K-K. Willie had raised to 45,000, Luca moved all in over the top with his remaining 115,000, and Willie called quick as a flash. Nothing helped Luca on the flop and turn, and a J on the river just rubbed salt into the wounds. On went the Ferrari leather jacket, and Luca was off.

It was a good show by our Team PokerStars player from Italy, who takes home €20,330 for his efforts.

The next shortstack seems to be going all-in quicker than we can type up the last one's demise. Marcel Baren just out with KQ, Rob Young found AT, and with no help on the board, the PokerStars qualifier was out in 11th place for €25,870.

Brad Willis
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