EPT Dublin: Art of Noise

Shut up!: Roland de Wolfe silences Bayo

by Simon Young

Ade Bayo has started today as he left off yesterday - very loudly. Famed for defending his big blind and berating anyone foolish enough to try and raise it, Ade has already been on his feet shouting for the whole room to hear.

This time, a player in the small blind raised Ade's precious 1,200 big blind. Quick as a flash, Ade, from London, announced all in. The small blind folded, to which Ade stood up, waved his monster 6-4 and shouted: "See. No one steals my big blind. I will move on anyone who tries to - see, even with this 6-4. Stop thieving from me." It was quite a commotion, and most of the room stopped to watch the Oscar-winning performance.

Marc Goodwin: takes no blind notice of Ade Bayo

One player sitting at Ade's table is Marc Goodwin, the top British pro, who has made more than a million dollars this year alone (and another $500,000 playing Phil Ivey at golf!). Unfortunately, Ade does not know who Marc is, and this may be his downfall. "So what's your name?" he asks Marc. "Are you a pro? Tell you what, on my next big blind we'll both go all in without looking at our cards?"

We wait breathlessly for a round of the table. With Ade on the big blind again, it's folded around to Marc. He looks at his cards, much to Ade's disgust, and puts in a teasing minimum raise of 2,400. Everyone else sensibly gets out of the way. What does Ade do now? HE has not looked at his cards, but instead of raising he calls. The flop is 6-7-9-Q. Marc checks, Ade (still blind) checks. The turn is a rag and both check again. Marc has nothing - Ade takes the first look at his cards, and screams as he sees 8-10 for the straight all along!

Cue another stand up routine: "I love myself," he says as he kisses his own arm. At this point, Roland de Wolfe, sitting on the next table, wanders over to wrap a scarf around Ade's head to get him to shut up. It worked..... for about ten seconds.

Ade is up to about 70,000, but you sense he and Marc Goodwin, who started the day third with more than 90,000, is just waiting to pounce.

Meanwhile France's Pascal Perrault, who started the day the shortest stack of all with just 5,300, stuck everything in the middle with Q-8 diamonds on the very first hand - and was out of the door when called by A-6. An ace on the flop did the damage.
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