EPT Dublin: Black Mood

Andy Black raises preflop, a player in a coat and stripy jumper goes all-in for around 5,000 chips. Another player dumps yet more chips in the middle. These are counted, his re-raise 7,875 more to Black. Andy thinks. 'You're two sick men,' he says. Finally he makes a pained noise, and folds, bending close to the table to see the other player's cards.

AJ for Mr.All-in-with-the-stripey-jumper, pocket tens for the other 'sick man'.

'King Jack I had,' says Andy Black.

The tens hold up, there are just low cards on the board, and we're another player down.

Andy Black counts out 7,875 chips and pushes these towards the player who held tens. 'You nearly had all this.'

He stands up, and throws his bronze card protector from hand to hand.

Andy Black with a tough decision (and a bronze... er, thingummy)

Brad Willis
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