EPT Dublin: Chips to play with, chips to eat?

153 players remain of the 195 who started on Day 1A. Half the players are taking a dinner break, the rest play on and will take their dinner when they return.

Here's selected chipcounts of players in action right now.

Chris Moneymaker 9,000

Andy Black 15,000

Arshad Hussein 13,000

Thang Duc Nyugen 7,000

Rory Liffey. "Same as I started with. No, 200 on the day" 10,200

Max Trigas 4,500, ElkY 22,000 Johnny Lodden 23,000

Thierry Cazals' chair...

Thierry Cazals not out, just a table change. 15,000

Liam Flood. Well could you count chips that are stacked like that?

Brad Willis
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