EPT Dublin: Chips to play with, puddings to eat?

The other half of the tournament room is empty now, as the second group of players take their dinner break. The non-stop play means no break for us bloggers. 144 players now remain. Average chips are 12,700 and blinds are now 100/200. Here's a few estimated chip counts from the busy side of the room.

Scott Gray 10,000

Ray 'Green hair at EPT Dublin last year' Coburn 7,000

Marc Goodwin 13,500

PokerStars qualifier Jordan Scott, 11,500. Jordan's a 22 year old social working student from Ohio. He was earlier up to 20,000 'I bluffed a big pot with 7 high.'

Torsten Iversen 7,000

Joe Rafferty, 4th place finisher in EPT Dublin 2005. 7,000

Pascal Perrault 11,000

Torsten Iversen 7,000

Team PokerStars Katja Thater 7,000

The second dinner break is about to end, and all the player will be in action again. If any player hasn't had a pudding they'd better eat it quick.

Brad Willis
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