EPT Dublin: Day 1B

I thought it was supposed to rain a lot in Ireland? Well it's a sunny day here in Dublin, as it was yesterday, apart from the steady drizzle from the lobby chandelier. Hotel water problems didn't seem to dampen the enthusiasm of any of the players who took their seats for Day 1A yesterday, now the second half of the tournament field will begin play soon.

Here's some brief introductions to a few of the players we'll be following today.

Vicky Coren: Vicky's the London based poker player and journalist who won the London EPT in September, a result that felt about as 'fairy-tale' as poker ever gets. Nothing gets much better than winning the big event at your local casino. Following it up with a good result in Dublin would prove there was an even happier ever after in the poker world for Vicky.

Vicky Coren, as play was about to begin.

Luca Pagano: The stylish Italian player has made the money in many EPT events, and I wouldn't be surprised if this one saw him hit the big money spots. Whatever happens Luca will be dressed like a winner, when it seems half the room are wearing lucky jeans, complete with pizza stains. Luca deserves to win, and he'd sure look good in the photos.

Luca Pagano

Greg Raymer: If I have to introduce this player, you're probably reading the wrong blog. Did you do a Google search for 'Guinness' and inadvertently stumble on this website?

Jonas Molander: Jonas is my 'one to watch'. I'm not superstious, but I do feels like I might be this player's lucky charm. He's made good money at every EPT event I've attended. He was 9th in EPT Dublin last year, 12th in EPT London. Although maybe it's nothing to do with me at all, he was 7th in EPT Baden a few weeks ago - when I wasn't there. This suggests he's simply a very good player. And as his best result was when I was nowhere near him, perhaps he'd prefer it if I kept out of his way today?

Ara Melikian: I like to report on a range of players, not just Team PokerStars players, or poker pros with a good track record. Ara is a kind of 'ordinary' New Yorker, with a great winning record in PokerStars EPT satellites. This is his third EPT seat this season, and perhaps his last for a while, he tells me he has a new job starting in a couple of weeks. It's a nice thought, and maybe I'm a bit of a dreamer, but would it be great if his EPT experience, and poker skills, meant he won big here in Dublin and he became one of those players that would be an automatic name to note in this kind of introduction.

There'll be many more interesting players to write about too, players will be taking their seats soon, and I'm looking forward to bringing you the news as soon as play gets underway.

Brad Willis
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