EPT Dublin: Deathwatch

Team PokerStars players Katja Thater and Chris Moneymaker both have very few chips.

Katja just lost a big pot. She bet 3,500 on a Td 7c Jc board. The turn is Ts - both players check. The river 3s, Katja's opponent checks and Katja bets 3,000. The other player goes all-in. Katja folds, she's down to 7,000.

My blog-assistant Sam stands beside Katja's table, whilst I keep an eye on Chris Moneymaker, who has around 5,000 chips.

As I watch Chris raises to 1,000 preflop, he's re-raised by another player. He thinks, shrugs, folds, then shows AQ.

On the button I see him looking at his cards, hoping for a chance to steal the blinds? The player on his right gets there first with a raise. He looks at his cards with disgust, then folds.

Moneymaker calls in late position next hand for 300. Just one other player and the blinds see a flop. The flop comes Kd Ad Ks. The blinds check, the player to Moneymaker's right bets. Moneymaker shrugs, folds. He's on just 3,700 chips now, with the blinds 150/300. He catches my eye...

It only means one thing to have a blogger hovering by your table like this... Sam and I are on 'Deathwatch' standing beside these shortstacked players waiting for them to do or die. Moneymaker knows I'll only leave his side to write up his news, once he goes out, or else doubles up. It's as if we're watching and sharing his pain, or his relief... Well, not really, as I have 118 other players I can write about.

So, here I am, leaving Moneymaker's side to write about him. So did he go all-in and go out, or else double up?

It's a 10 minute break. I'll be back on Blogger Deathwatch in a minute.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in