EPT Dublin: End of Day 1B

65 players bagged their chips at the end of day 1B. They'll join the 51 players of day 1A, and come back to play again tomorrow. Amongst the 'name players' with chips at the end of day 1A are: Marcel Luske, Noah Boekan, Luca Pagano, Peter Gould, Andreas Hagen, Nick Gibson, and Neil Channing. They'll all be back for EPT action on Day 2, joining the likes of Andy Black, Jonas Helness, Katja Thater, Paul Testud and Roy Brindley.

Amongst the PokerStars qualifiers I've blogged about we still have Gerry Lemke, Ara Melikman, Conor Pope, Roman Makowski and Ramzi Jelassi. We also have Ade Bayo. He's just invaded the pressroom, loudly debating the way he's been represented on another blog. I do hope he understands my, 'loudmouthed' line. For the record I think he's a very good, loudmouthed, player. He just claimed he's only worried about his blog reports because he's, 'sensitive and insecure.' Awwww....

More news from EPT Dublin, and both it's sensitive, and sensible, players tomorrow. Play resumes at 2pm local time.

Dave Murray bags his chips

Ara Melikian counts his chips

Brad Willis
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