EPT Dublin: End of Day 2

We now have our final table of 8. Rob Yong, William Thorson, Nick Slade, Gavin Simms, David Tavernier, Patrick Bueno, George McKeever and Roland De Wolfe will all return tomorrow at 3pm local time. It promises to be an exciting final table, Roland De Wolfe and Wiliam Thorson are aggressive, interesting players to watch. PokerStars qualifier David Tavernier is my outside bet to win, not least because Marketing guy Conrad met a French player who told him, 'He's very good.'

It's been an enjoyable day of poker. A tough one too, with lots to report. I ran into Ara Melikian and his friend Sherwin in the bar earlier, and I know it's been an even tougher day for those two. Every player wants to reach the final table, smart players want to get there to win. Tournament poker is a strange game. I sometimes wonder if the 'high' of winning is worth the disappointment of the many times you'll miss out. I thought of this when I saw Ara and Sherwin in the bar. Were they celebrating a cash finish, or drowning sorrows that this wasn't a bigger prize? I didn't ask.

I'm pretty sure Ara enjoyed his EPT experience, it has to be about the dream. Tournament players have more in their heads than hand odds and reading skills, they have an enthusiastic, optimistic, ambitious, arrogant, strange, kind of brain malfunction, that makes each and every one of them sit down and believe that they will be the one who can beat hundreds to win. And I like that.

And what I like too is watching these tournament-crazy fight it out, until there is one enthusiastic, optimistic, ambitious, arrogant, player who is right about it all -who does win. In a room full of dreams there'll be one who proves this isn't crazy at all. Because we'll look at him or her and want to be them, and part of that tournament brain-malfunction-thing is that we see them and forget the rest, we just want it all the more. I know I do. I'll watch the final table tomorrow and dream about my next tournament, and the important thing with tournament-crazy-brain is that loving that dream is happiness enough.

I hope you'll be back to read more at 3pm tomorrow. If you can't play in the EPT, I hope I'll help you dream of it a little.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in