EPT Dublin: Final Table - Live Updates

11.39pm -- We have a winner...

The pot is raised pre-flop. David and Roland check a 3 5 A flop. The turn's another 5. Roland bets 70,000. David considers, then he raises to 250,000. Roland calls. The river is a 9. Roland bets 250,000. David moves all-in. Roland quickly calls. David shows QJ, a complete bluff. Roland had 5 4 and trip fives.

The final board

Roland de Wolf wins EPT Dublin. He's presented with the trophy and a bottle of champagne. Surely that should be Guinness..? Final table report will follow soon.

Roland de Wolf with his trophy

11.12pm -- Chipcounts:

David Tavernier 1,340,000
Roland de Wolfe 2,550,000

10.53pm -- William has very few chips left after the hand against David, now he calls on the small blind. Roland makes it 350,000 to play. William calls all-in. He shows AT. Roland has 77. The cards dealt are J 2 9 Q. William is still losing, but has more outs now for a straight... The river is a 6. William Thorson out 3rd. He wins €184,780. It's heads up between Roland de Wolf and David Tavernier.

Roland de Wolf

10.40pm -- Frenchman David Tavernier has just doubled through against William Thorson, winning a monster pot of over 500,000. Chips went in on the flop of 8-10-Q, and a 7 on the turn saw David move all in, facing an instant call from William. The Swede had J-9 for the flopped straight, and David had Q-8 for two pair, needing a miracle to survive. It arrived in the shape another 8, giving him the full house. William is down to 160,000 or so.

10.45pm -- Latest chipcounts:

Roland de Wolfe 1,989,000
William Thorson 1,228,000
David Tavernier 680,000

Blinds are 30,000/60,000 with a running ante of 6,000

10.41pm -- Latest news from the Regency Hotel press room...

Mmmm, Guinness...

10.38pm -- Players back after a short break. In an unraised pot Roland and William see a flop of 10 5 6. William bets, Roland folds... I could report plenty of similar hands, but I'll spare you.

10.25pm -- Play is ultra-cautious, nothing happening here. The only news is that PokerStars has bought everyone in the press room free beer and crisps. And that's good news.

Ah, Guinness...

9.40pm -- Not much action to report, but here are chipcounts from the final 3:

Roland de Wolfe 2,400,000
William Thorson 800,000
David Tavernier 720,000

9.21pm -- Gavin raised pre-flop to 120,000. Roland re-raises another 280,000. Gavin looks kind of shocked, but called all-in. J7 for Gavin, 66 for Roland. A 6 is the first card dealt, a set for Roland, little hope for Gavin. We're down to 3 players now. Gavin 4th for €138,580.

Gavin Simms out in 4th place.

9.17pm -- Roland raises to 120,000. David goes all-in. Roland calls an we see cards. (About time too.) A7 for David, K6 for Roland. The board of 2 Q 5 4 T ensures a double up for the French doctor, he's now on over 700,000.

David Tavernier

9.14pm -- Latest chipcounts:

William Thorson 832,000
Gavin Simms 484,000
Roland De Wolfe 2,213,000
David Tavernier 368,000

8.48pm -- There really is very little to report here, no big showdowns, few chips changing hands. Whilst there's not much going on, should I tell you a half-interesting fact about EPT qualification? David Tavernier was one of 13 players to qualify for EPT Dublin through our 'Last Chance' satellites. PokerStars tournament team now and then run these extra qualifiers, once the last scheduled satellite has run. Don't count on it however - they only ever magic these up if there are plenty of seats left in an event. Anyway, my half-interest fact? Well, of the 13 PokerStars players who qualified in this way, with just a few days to prepare, 4 made the money in Dublin. Yes, 4! (Told you it was half-interesting!)

These players were:

David Tavernier - still playing
Finnur Hrafnsson - 10th 31,410
Marcel Baran - 11th 25,870
Simon Ehne - 18th 11,090

Ok, back to watching George, Roland, David and William fold...

8.15pm -- George McKeever raises all-in. Roland de Wolf asks for a count. It's 27,000 chips to him. He calls. George shows KQ. Roland 88. The board brings nothing for George, who goes out 5th. He chats to Willie Tann beside the table for a while, 2 senior citizens of the poker world, I'm sure they've seen a pair beat overcards countless times before... George wins €112,710.

George McKeever

Our final 5 return to play.

8.00pm -- Players are back now. I saw one of the final table players eating in the break, he looked eager to get back to play, Roland de Wolfed it down...

7.00pm -- Players are on an hour long dinner break now. Hopefully by the time we return the technical problems with Blogger.com will be resolved.

6.51pm -- We've lost another player here. England's Rob Yong all-in with AK, he's called by Roland de Wolf who holds AJ. A horrible river card, a jack, puts Rob out of EPT Dublin.

Our 6th place finisher Rob Yong. He takes home €88,690

6.46pm -- No significant hands for a while now. William just goes all-in, he has a big stack of chips. He mutters, "If I raise you re-raise me." He shows AQ.

6.15pm -- Lee Jones gives the crowd some chipcounts for their pleasure:
Rob Yong (England) 450,000
William Thorson (Sweden) 550,000
George McKeever (Ireland) 450,000
Gavin Simms (England) 450,000
Roland De Wolfe (England) 1,200,000
David Tavernier (France) 650,000

William Thorson

6.10pm -- William has stacked his chips carefully into a tall pyramid design. Roland jokes about throwing something at them and knocking them over. William re-stacks the chips...

6.06pm -- Another hand in which William and Roland tangle, Roland winning a pot from him yet again. I missed the details but the interesting bit was at the end of the hand when William looked peeved and called Roland a 'fish'.

5.48pm -- Another player doubles up. George goes all-in holding AK, Rob Yong calls with QQ. A King on the flop sees George smile at his double up, or 'double through' as Lee Jones announces it.

5.40pm -- Players are on a 10 minute break. When play resumes blinds will be 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante.

Current chip counts...

Rob Yong 560,000
William Thorson 600,000
George McKeever 180,000
Gavin Simms 384,000
Roland De Wolfe 1,146,000
David Tavernier 880,000

5.25pm -- Gavin Simms has just doubled up through Roland de Wolfe. His A-Q held up against Roland's 10-J, a Q on the river confirming it. He is now on more than 300,000.

5.10pm -- A big pot between the busiest players at the table, Roland and William. Three players see a flop - A 2 6 rainbow. It checks to De Wolf who bets 70,000. William calls. The turn is a Queen. William checks. Roland bets again, 140,000 this time. William calls again. The river is a 10. William checks once again. Roland thinks for a while, then bets 350,000. William mucks and Roland takes the 670,000 pot.

Roland de Wolfe

4.49pm -- Nick Slade is out, busted by Roland de Wolfe. Roland raised it up with A-Q, and Nick moved all in over the top with only J-9, thinking Roland was bluffing. A quick call from Roland and we saw the flop Q-A-9, great for Roland and some hope for Nick. But the turn and river did not bring the magical 9 and Nick leaves his seat muttering: "I really thought he had nothing." We are down to six players.

Nick Slade out 7th for €70,210

4.40pm -- Rob Yong doubles up against Roland de Wolfe and now sits on about 450,000. Roland made it 40,000 with Q-Q, Rob re-raised all in with A-K. The flop of J-5-9 was no help for Rob, but a K on the turn and 6 river saw the chips heading his way.

4.25pm -- Roland makes it 40,000, saying he's "not going to pass this one". George moves all in for 143,000 more from the small blind - and Roland passes. George is playing steady and waiting for his spot.

4.14pm -- William raises (again) Patrick Bueno re-raises announcing, "all-in." William immediately says, "I call." Patrick with 71,000 chips. William has A J. Patrick K 7. The board brings a Jack for William, nothing for Patrick. We've lost our first player. Patrick Bueno is out 8th. He says, "Au revoir," as he walks away to collect his €51,740.

Patrick Bueno who was 8th

4.02pm -- Rob Yong raises. William Thorson re-raises all-in. Rob thinks, and folds saying, "I think that's the last time I'm going to pass to him."

3.48pm -- William, Roland and David see a flop. It's 5 9 3 with two diamonds. David bets 50,000 which is re-raised to 100,000 by William. Roland folds before David announces 'all-in'. William mucks also.

3.34pm -- A raise all-in in the second hand. Nick Slade all-in. All fold. Nick showed Ace Queen.

3.29pm -- Tournament Director Thomas Kremser has just announced the players names, to applause from the crowd. The final is now underway.

3:19pm -- We're a little late starting the tournament, but the players have now taken their seats. Unfortunately we're having a few technical issues with our blogging program which means there might be a delay in updates being posted to the web. The technical description for this is 'screwy software.' I've tried all sorts of fixes, the best so far is swearing at my computer. It doesn't help at all, but it makes me feel a little better.

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