EPT Dublin: Finnur Finished

Down to one table now. Only 9 players left... Iclandic PokerStars qualifier Finnur Hrafnsson was here in his first major tournament, he told me earlier that he was proud to be the first Icelandic player to cash in an EPT event. He might well consider himself lucky to be here, his first PokerStars satellite was a 'Last Chance' game that led him to EPT Dublin.

Finnur was set all-in by William Thorsen's on the small blind. Finnur found 5 5 in the big blind, and needed to make a stand. Thorsen turned over Q 9. A Queen was the first card out. Finnur picked up a flush draw, and a little hope, but no diamond came to save him. Finnur finishes 10th and takes €31,410 home to Iceland. He says he'll spend it on more EPT satellite buy-ins.

Brad Willis
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