EPT Dublin: "First card I've hit in 4 EPTs"

Ramzi Jelassi has been busy at his table, and just won a big pot with most of the chips going in on a A 9 3 6 board, with Ramzi claiming, "I've got Jack Ten off" as his opponent deliberated. His opponent called, only to face another big bet my Ramzi when the river brought a ten. It was 6,500 to call, and the clock was called as unknown player thought and thought, and then called. Ramzi flashed a pair of threes, to show his flopped set. "First card I've hit in 4 EPTs," Ramzi joked.

Ramzi cashed in Baden a few weeks ago, but will no doubt be hoping to do better than 25th place this time around. A couple of hands later and Ramzi has KK against Petri Pietiela who was all-in with QQ. Petri went out, and Ramzi's now on over 30,000 chips.

Ramzi Jelassi

Brad Willis
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