EPT Dublin: G for 'Gone'?

107 players remain. It's at that stage of the night where time seems to slow, the tourney's been playing nine hours now, but players won't go home easy. Blinds are now 200 400. When an ante is introduced at the next level I expect things to get lively, at least that's the way it worked on day 1A. Perhaps it's the psychological effects of an ante? A little bit of your stack disappearing every hand might encourage the 'all-in' feeling. Or maybe it's that this time of the night is the Regency Hotel's 'Happy Hour' and a free bar for an hour? Does alcohol loosen the muscles necessary for that crucial all-in manoeuvre?

Tony G's just found his 'all-in' reflex in action. He re-raised on the big blind holding 88. The player on the button thought long and hard, the re-raise was for several thousand chips... He called and showed AJ, to Tony G's disgust.

When an Ace hit the flop Tony got up and started to walk. Other players called him back to the table as the turn was dealt. The board read 2d 7h Ah 3h... So someone pointed wildly at Tony's 8 of hearts. The river was 5d. And Tony G continued his fast-paced journey out of the room.

The player who called with A J felt the need to explain himself. "I don't always play Ace Jack. I might have passed against some other guy..."

Tony G, happy before his exit.

Brad Willis
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