EPT Dublin: Getting rid of the greens

I just saw Luca Pagano double up with JJ vs 88, and having to sort out a huge pile of chips. I thought it was a big pot until I realised they were mainly green 25 chips. It's hard for us bloggers to bring you accurate chipcounts when there are so many small-value chips about. There's a 10 minute break right now and at the end of this they'll colour up the green chips, and I'll bring you chipcounts of the significant players of the 82 remaining.

Luca is all-in with JJ. Just another dull pair vs overpair all-in situation...

I noticed that Ade Bayo goes a little quieter when he's shortstacked. He's sharing a table with Willie Tann and Neal Channing - another player who likes to chat when he's in a hand. A player on next-to-nothing chips goes all-in with AK. Ade on the big blind is bound to call, and has A 5. He doesn't comment as the AK wins and he loses needed-chips to the all-in player. Neal's comment to the AK player, "You play like a man with no food in the cupboard."

I just heard that short-stacked Anthony Holden is out. He's commented that he's had no cards all tournament, and when he finds a hand it doesn't even go his way. He moved all-in with A J. To run into another player with the same hand and split the pot. Then he found JJ and a caller with AK. I don't know about 'no food in cupboards,' I do know Anthony Holden is out.

Brad Willis
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