EPT Dublin: "gg"

Max Trigas is a Greek nightclub entrepeneur, who's been playing poker for little more than six months. In his short time in the game he's been having a lot of fun with EPT satellites, claiming it's 'easy to qualify' at PokerStars.

Max was involved in a less 'easy' decision in a recent hand.

Dario Minieri and Max see a flop of Jd 3d 9s.

Max raises. Dario re-raises. Max re-raises again. Dario declares, 'all-in.'

It's 6,500 more to Max. As Max thinks, Dario gets up, 'gg' he says. Perhaps forgetting he wasn't playing online?

Max thinks some more. Dario gets up, he takes his iPod headphones out, he takes his jacket off, he chats to a friend.

Max thinks. Max folds.

Dario sits down, he puts his iPod headphones in, he puts his jacket on. He shows J 3.

'gg' to Dario...

Maximilianos Trigas

Brad Willis
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