EPT Dublin: Greg Raymer out

Greg Raymer lost most of his chips in a hand where his opponent held the nut flush, Greg mucked, and was left in desperate shape with around 700 chips.

He moved all-in in late position, the small blind and big blind could hardly fold. No cards to be shown preflop, there could be further betting between the blind players... And there was. On a flop of Kc 6c 9d the player on the small bets 2,000, the Irish big blind player grumbles, and re-raises. He shows AQ, not even a pair. "If you check, I check," he grumpily tells the small blind player.

You'd think there'd be some hope for Greg? He turns over Ac Td, so not much hope there. Jc on the turn 4s the river...

Raymer smiles and holds out his Ac, with the ten's suit hidden. "Flush!" he claims optimistically. It doesn't work. Greg heads away from the table, leaving the players debating whether you should check down a hand whenever a player's all-in. Greg doesn't share his views.

Greg Raymer all-in

Brad Willis
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