EPT Dublin: Johnny Lodden has a lot of chips

Things are progressing slowly, as usual in these early stages. We've lost 5 of the 195 players. Ben Grundy was the second player to exit EPT Dublin. He held AK with a King on the flop, his opponent held a straight. He claimed matter-of-factly, 'I didn't think I had enough chips to fold. Well, I did, but I couldn't bring myself to.'

I got into trouble for saying, 'It's too early to give chipcounts' last time. So I'll tell you now that Chris Moneymaker has 9,750, and Katje Thater has 10,750. And players started with 10,000 chips.

Team PokerStars ElkY is at an interesting table with Johnny Lodden and Dario Minieri. ElkY just lost a 12,000 chips to Lodden, betting with bottom set. Lodden held the up-and-down straight draw, his straight hit on the river. ElkY's on just 5,000 chips now, but with blinds only 50, 100 he's in no real danger.

Lodden also won a 10,000 pot off Dario Minieri. Dario held A5, Lodden held A8. The flop was AA2. Lodden's 8 kicker played and won him the hand.

ElkY's down to 5,000 (Ok, it isn't too early for chipcounts..)

Dario Minieri. Don't worry, he is old enough to play.

Johnny Lodden. Now on 30,000 chips. (Yes, yes, I will give you the chipcounts...)

Brad Willis
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