EPT Dublin: Kat Flap

Katja Thater: Where was the last spade?

by Simon Young

Team PokerStars' Katja Thater stood on her chair and tried to suck the winning card out of the dealer's hands. Any spade would have been enough, or any ace. Sitting on about 30,000, she had got into a raising war with Kevin Vreeswijk of Holland, who already had a menacing 130,000 or so chips.

The flop came 6-7-8, with two spades, giving Katja, holding A-J spades, the nut flush draw. She pushed her remaining chips in the middle and was called by Vreeswijk holding the monster K-K. Katja stood, wished, willed, in fact did everything but beg the dealer to come up with the goods.

Sadly the turn was 4 hearts and the river a harmless 3 diamonds. Katja stood for a few moments more, staring in disbelief, before picking up her bag and leaving. So many outs, so little help. The Dutchman, meanwhile, is now up and away with 160,000 or so in chips.

The blinds are now 800-1,600 with a 200 ante. About 65 of the Day Two starters are left after a casualty rate not seen since The Charge of the Light Brigade.
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