EPT Dublin: Marcel Luske is 'spooky'

Average chips 27,800, 72 players remain with blinds now 400/800. Here's some chipcounts:

Finnur Hrafasson 28,000
David Murray 38,000
Ramzi Jelassi 41,000
Roland de Wolfe 47,000
Marcel Luske 42,000
Neil Channing 90,000
Noah Boeken 30,000
Ara Melikman 47,000
Luca Pagano 36,000
Gerry Lemke 20,000
Conor Pope 14,000
Roman Makowski 22,000
Marcel Baran 33,000
Ches Denisen 30,000
Willie Tann 41,000
Ade Bayo 40,000

I asked Ade how many chips he had. "Too many," came a comment from another player. "I got lucky," Ade confessed. "And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!" He said with a grin.

It was an eventful trip around the tables as I collected chipcounts. I saw Noah Boeken double up with 88 vs KQ. I saw Conor Pope's AA beaten by Ches Denisen's KK (he hit a straight.) And I saw a fuss at Neil Channing and Marcel Luske's table.

Apparently Marcel Luske got committed on the turn, with the board 2 9 K 2. It was a 29,000 pot, and 13,000 more when Marcel was re-raised. Marcel said, "I put him on AK, but I could hit a two, or a King, or a ten."

So Marcel called with his KT. The other player turned over AK. Another 2 on the river and a split plot.

Neil Channing's comment, "He's spooky. I don't want to play with this guy. He called the hand, he called the cards, and it came."

Neil Channing and Marcel Luske, as the pot is divided for the 'spooky' hand.

Brad Willis
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