EPT Dublin: More Chips

40 players left now, and they've just gone on an hour dinner break. Before they left we gathered some more fresh chipcounts from the tourney floor.

Roland de Wolfe 375,000
Willie Tan 260,000
Andy Black 198,000
Simon Ehme 150,000
Marcel Baran 125,000
Ray Coburn 39,000
Ara Melikian 55,000
Luca Pagano 47,000
David Tavernier 187,000
Finnur Hrafnsson 40,000

Ade Adebayo is out, and the tournament room will be a little quieter without him, but also a little duller without his lively presence. I didn't see the details of the hand but understand Ade had 99 and was called by a player with KJ who hit two pair. Also missing in action: Neil Channing, Andreas Hagen, Paul Testud, and Pascal Perrault.

Neil Channing: Gone, but not forgotten

Brad Willis
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