EPT Dublin: Needing chips

PokerStars qualifiers Ray Corbin and Ara Melikian are shorter stacks now, but both just won significant pots. Ara just doubled up. He was in middle position holding AA. Everyone folds to him, he goes all-in. He gets called by a big stack willing to take a gamble on J 10. The Aces hold up. Ara now on 47,000.

In a hand between Ray Coburn and William Thorsen, Thorsen raises, Ray goes all-in for 25,000 more. William folds. Ray now on 83,000.

30 players are left, blinds now 3000, 6000. I'll bring you chipcounts soon.

Roland De Wolfe with a mountain of chips...

Ray Coburn with a molehill...

Brad Willis
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