EPT Dublin: No Blunders from Blundell

James Blundell qualified for EPT Dublin by spinning a 40 FPP satellite buy-in into this €5,000 seat. James from Coventry, England, is most often found playing at PokerStars $0.25/$0.50 NL tables, today found hiself sitting next to Andy Black. When I found him still playing in the last 60, I hoped he'd be returning to play on Saturday, but with just 15,000 chips he didn't have much room for manouevre.

In a battle of the blinds he went all in on a Jack high flop, and was called by Andy Black. James had a pair with his K5, but Black had a better pair with his KJ. James shook hands with Andy as the cards were turned over, as if he knew no miracle card would come. He was right, but it's a minor miracle that he made it this far for just 40FPP. I hope he'll spin some more FPP into a chance of EPT glory soon.

James Blundell goes out at the close of Day 1A

Brad Willis
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