EPT Dublin: No Ray of sunshine

PokerStars Ray Coburn is out in 24th place. He moved in with AQ and Paul Telstud called with 88. An 8 on the flop ended Ray's second Dublin EPT. He's been in the money twice here, but will be disappointed not to improve on last year's 14th place finish.

We've lost another couple of players. Kambiz Kashi out 23rd. Pat O’Callaghan out next. Pat goes all in with KT. Vinny McNamee calls with AQ and puts him out.

David Tavernier, playing on the televised table, has just doubled up. The French doctor flopped quad 4s, and was well ahead of countryman Paul Telstud who held AK.

David Tavernier, on the press room TV

Brad Willis
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