EPT Dublin: Numbers

Play is now underway, 208 players at 21 tables, paying €5,000 for 10,000 chips. And the most important number of all? 1 winner..? Well, of course that's what it's all about, so yes, that's an important number, but it feels like that's far off business for Sunday. Today I just look at those 208 players at 21 tables, toying with 10,000 (or thereabouts) chips, and I think 'Ooh, there are loads and loads of exciting players!' It seems that almost every table holds a well-known poker face. And I do accept that 'loads and loads' isn't actually a proper number, but maths was never my strong point, and I'm excited, and then my head does funny things. There's going to be lots to report on today. Better get back to the poker room...

Ram Vaswami and Ross Boatman at the Hendon Mob table

Brad Willis
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