EPT Dublin: Ones to watch

PokerStars players in action today include Team PokerStars Katja Thater and Luca Pagano. Noah 'Exclusive' Boeken is also representing PokerStars today, by my calculations Noah's made going on for $300,000 from his EPT poker to date with 5 cashes.

Of course we'll be following these well known PokerStars players, but here's a reminder of some of the PokerStars players I've written about who now return to play a second day of poker.

Ara Melikian

Ara's an accountant, here with his buddy Sherwin. He's qualified for 3 of the 4 EPT events so far. He tells me he's gone deeper in each EPT event he's played, I hope it's 3rd time lucky for Ara. One of the 'nice guys' of poker, that's for sure.

JJ Juhl

JJ is a Danish TV presenter, and the younger (by 10 minutes) of twin poker players taking part in EPT Dublin. Jacob didn't get through day 1B yesyerday, but I'm sure he'll be here to support his brother. And as they're identical twins would anyone be able to tell if he played a few of JJ's hands?

Ade Bayo

Ade is the loudest, wildest, poker player in the room. Raise his big blind and you're in trouble. He even has poker business cards printed, defining his 'bigblindism' philosophy. He says it's 'similar to Buddhism but less fun.' Not sure if Andy Black will convert?

Ray Coburn

Ray was in the money in Dublin last year, the candy chewing kid from New Jersey had green hair last time he played. I was hoping this year he might dye it black with a bleach white top - pint of Guinnes style. Perhaps Ray's not so keen to be the centre of attention any more, instead he seems focused on this game.

Ray Coburn

Ramzi Jelassi

Ramzi seems to qualify for every EPT, he went deep in Baden, and now he's here for the cost of a few FPP. An agressive poker player, I like his style, and I've picked him as one of my candidates in the press room '2 for the final table' game.

Ramzi Jelassi

James Reid

James is from Bedford, England, but originally from Ireland so always plays this Dublin event. He was on the final table in EPT Dublin last year, winning €49,600 for his sixth place. He's a regular in Luton cardroom tourneys, and I've been told he has an 'unpredictable style.'

Ches Denison

Ches is just 19, and here with his Mum. He qualified for just 40 FPP. When he's not playing poker he likes wakeboarding. Apparently that's like snowboarding only on rivers. When not playing poker whilst in Dublin, he likes drinking. He says he'd never been in a bar before he came to Europe.

David Tavernier

Doctor David from France, arrived an hour late for this event, lost a few chips as he was blinded away, and he probably won't be late for the start of day 2. He's here with his wife Christiane. With a User Id like 'Davethebest' I'll expect David to be one of the best in Dublin today. Or maybe he's only the best Dave?

Play is now underway. I'll bring you news of these players, and many more soon.

Brad Willis
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