EPT Dublin: Play Underway

EPT Dublin has now begun, starting around an hour late with just under 200 players.

Notable players I've spotted so far, Andy Black, Mickey Wernick, Johnny Loddin, Mel Judah, Willie Tann, Ben Grundy, Liam Flood, Dario Minieri, Donnacha O'Dea, Roy Brindley. PokerStars players we'll be watching out for, include Chris Moneymaker, Johann Storakers, Katja Thater, ElkY, and Baden winner Thang Nguyen. Thang and his wife shared my cab this morning, and even though Thang won €487,397 two weeks ago I turned down his offer to pay the driver. (Maybe he can buy me a Guinness later as a thankyou?)

The player list on the big screen

The player's take their seats. Even World Champions need to do the paperwork.

Thomas Kremser announces, 'Shuffle up and deal.'

Ray Coburn, without green hair, and busy working on his puzzle book and 'leave me alone' stare.

Brad Willis
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