EPT Dublin: Quiet qualifiers, qualifiers with lemons on their heads...

Gerry Lemke is a 20 year old from Connecticut, he won his seat for just $5 and he's enjoying his first ever trip to Europe. It seems the EPT has made him think about his future, and win or lose here in Dublin he says he's decided to quit his job as a security guard. Gerry's sitting next to Jonas Molander, but doesn't look daunted by playing his first big tourney. And he has gold shades, so looks every inch the part of the young poker pro.

Gerry Lemke

Gerry is quiet, he's willing to let his poker do the talking. Ade Bayou is quite the opposite. I hesitate to use the phrase 'loudmouth' because it sounds a bit rude, but I do like the guy, I've played with him a few times at our local 'Gutshot' cardroom, and he has a mouth, and I'm sure that a scientific gadget could confirm by checking decibels or whatever, whether it was quiet or loud. This non-rude sound-measuring gadget would I'm sure give the verdict 'loud' and not 'quiet'. It is hard to ignore Ade when you play against him, he likes to talk, in fact he likes to shout.

Ade Bayou

I headed across the room to see what all the fuss was about when I heard his voice and saw him waving his arms around. It was a good-natured argument about the defence of blinds.

"Tell that pyscopath don't steal my big blind!" He said. "Don't steal my blind, if you do I'm going to gamble!"

As Ade sat down I could see why he seemed so pleased, he was raking in a huge pot.

He proceeded to smile, and chat and gave the player he'd won these chips from a business card. He showed off his wallet of poker cards, he had 'bad beat cards', 'karma cards', 'defence of the blinds' cards. Bizarrely another player put a slice of lemon on his head, as he continued to discuss these cards, and show them off to the watching poker journalists.

Ade with a lemon on his head

Yes, Ade Bayou is a loudmouthed player, who likes to be the center of attention. I also happen to know that this London pro is a very good poker player. It doesn't really matter whether you're loud at the table, or never say a word. All that matters is winning chips. Ade and Gerry are going about that in very different ways, but I wish both PokerStars qualifiers luck. I hope I get to write about them again at Sunday's final.

Brad Willis
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