EPT Dublin: Rafferty on the rail

Joe Rafferty is out, with few chips left he went all in with AJ the player on the big blind found JJ.

Last year my job was to escort the final table players to the venue where the final table was to be filmed, and Joe refused to get in the player coach. I was under strict instructions to make all the players use the coach. No one wanted any final table players lost on the streets of Dublin. Joe said, 'I'm not getting in the coach. I can drive. I live here. I'm not going to get lost.' He didn't get lost, and he drove his way to a 4th place finish last year. This year he's driving home early.

Dario Minieri, who made the final table in Baden earlier this month, is also out. He went all-in on a flop of 8 J 7. ElkY held 77, and Dario's AA was beaten.

Other players out. 1999 WSOP Champ, Noel Furlong, Praz Bansi, Thang Duc Ngyen and Ashad Hussein.

Current Chipcounts:

Jim Kerrigan 70,000
Maximillianos Trigos 15,000
Ville Wahlbeck 12,000
Andy Black 19,000
Richard Herbert 19,000
Johnny Lodden 11,000
Philip Hilm 58,000
Paul Testud 9,000
Martin Wendt 23,000
Ashley Alterman 8,500
Scott Gray 7,500
Marc Goodwin 28,000
David Bergren 13,000
Liam Flood 11,000
Ian Frazer 34,000
Johann Storakers 22,000
Roy Brindley 64,000
Rory Liffey 5,500
Katja Thater 28,000
Jonas Hellness 25,000
ElkY 8,000
Charlie Harvey 8,000

Brad Willis
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